Monday, April 13, 2009


So I've been informed by one of my three readers/friends (I have more than three friends, just not more than three readers) that my "blog is so pretentious". Said friend thinks I'm all snobby about New York and though she neglected to mention her disdain for the "What is the What" post, I am pretty sure that's just because of the touchy subject matter, but she still thought it was pretentious. 
So, this is a list of random things that I like that are unpretentious
And fyi, the reason for this post is really just because I haven't found anything new that I like that isn't edible or alcoholic and I thought all three of you would judge me if I wrote about food or booze anymore. I have no qualms with said friend thinking I'm pretentious about New York and designer peanut butter (mostly because I probably am) So, without further ado; 
Unpretentious Things I Like
-Cheap, delicious 4 am
-Playing Twister
-Dumb Comedies (ie: Superbad, Old School, Anchorman, Pineapple Express, Wet Hot American Summer, Knocked Up, Wedding Crashers, etc)
-Cambells Tomato Soup
-Beer & French Fries (even if I only eat them off other people's plates)
-Walking around more places than I choose to admit. (Ever walked across E. Houston sans shoes? I'm up to date on my tetnus shots though, so yay!)
-Bowling (seriously)
-Wings, especially 10 cent wings...with lots of blue cheese
-Ketchup...and almost all other condiments. In fact, I put mustard on my leftover Halibut today for lunch. The restaurant cooked it in white wine with herbs and then I put mustard on it. So there, FRIEND.
-Fire escapes 
-Trader Joe's wine (cause its dirt cheap and doesn't taste like mashed up cherries mixed with vodka–sorry, Franzia)
-Mudsliding/slip and slide

And just in case anyone still thinks that I'm trying to be pretentious...feast your eyes on this for a minute..

In Summation, that whole list was about booze and food...just acknowledge that I know that just happened. I really only like food and booze. And drug movies. Damn.

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  1. your pretention still pours out of this post. i'm making you a prize for liking cheap/non-new yorker type things...